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Middle School Dances!

Two middle school dances within a week, no band, just me and my iPod at the Hulbert Outdoor Center, which hosts groups throughout the year. I'm a regular on the program for several of these schools, and it's fun to return to the same venue with some of the same adults—teachers or HOC staff—and a bunch of kids who are always full of energy.

The programs didn't vary a lot. Both times, I had 75 minutes, and in that time we did nine dances. The trick is to keep things moving. Once you have kids up and dancing, keep the momentum going. In recent years, I've started adding in one line dance with no instruction in the middle of the program. This serves as a breather for kids and adults who want to take and lets others have fun with a dance they already know

Middle School Dance Program
Traffic Jam
The Sweets of May
The Snowball
Cupid Shuffle or Cotton Eye Joe
Polka Contry
Simple Square
the Fan Dance
Un, Deux, Trois, Poussez or Sasha

David Millstone, Dance Caller

Lebanon, NH


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